Culinary escape game in a box at your doorstep

Unique culinary escape room style game

to play at home with your friends and family. 
Get Locked pizza boxes with clues, solve the puzzles and get all the ingredients to bake

Chef Giovanni's most delicious Pizza

with your own favorite toppings. 


Pizza ClueBox is delivered to you by  

Chef GiovanniRavelo

Times are different now for Chef Giovanni Ravelo,

the most famous Pizza chef from Napoli.
Everybody knows that he makes the best Pizza in the world,

but nobody comes to Italy these days... 
So, Chef Giovanni decided to share his Mama-mia Pizza

with people outside of Italy. 

Are you willing to stretch your brain for a good Pizza?

Pizza ClueBox  has 2 levels of difficulty:

*Original game level is designed for adults (16+).

*Kids game level is designed for kids from 7 years old

(With guidance of an adult).

Once you order a game -

we will help you choose

the best level for your group

Game is recommended for 2-6 players.

Estimated time:

 1-2 hours of fun + 20 minutes baking


חותמת 2.png

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Birthday Package 

Order Now

130 SGD

(Full game package + XL pizza with 2 toppings +

game pick up from your home at  the end of the game)

One way Grab Delivery charges

(10-25 SGD)


50 SGD deposit

(Returned to you once all game equipment is safely back)


12:00 PM
Choose 2 Pizza toppings:

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